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Lipstick Matte Non-stick Cup

Lipstick Matte Non-stick Cup

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Achieve perfect lipstick makeup with the Lipstick Matte Non-stick Cup. This revolutionary product is created with a unique matte velvet texture that glides on effortlessly and creates beautiful lip makeup in an instant. Its rich 18 colors are highly pigmented, creating full coverage and long lasting wear in high definition. Its lightweight, waterproof and sweatproof formula resists smudging and fading, so your look remains fresh all day long. The small size is perfect for easy carrying in any handbag or case. With its extensive range of colors, this non-marking cup will take your beauty look to the next level every time you wear it.




Brand: CAKAILA/Kakaila

Category: Lipstick Matte Non-stick Cup Waterproof 

Ingredients: Organic pigments or Minerals, Waxes, Natural plant extracts, etc.

Net content: 2.5ml

Size: 16*16*108mm

Shelf life: 3 years

Quantity: 1

The Package Includes: 1x Lipstick Matte Non-stick Cup Waterproof Long Lasting Lip Gloss

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